Dryer Installation London

If you have a new dryer or need your old dryer installed in your new home, no need to stress about installing it on your own. The team at Express Appliance Repair are experts in all things dryer installation and dryer repair.

Our technicians can handle the installation or repair of any dryer, regardless of its age, make, or model. We offer our dryer installation and repair services to all of London and the surrounding areas at fair prices!

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The team at Express Appliance Repair is prepared to handle the repair or installation of any of your household appliances. We offer our same-day appliance or repair services to all of London and the surrounding areas. No matter the problem or the brand of your appliance, you can always depend on Express Appliance Repair.

These include:

  • Securing the dryer in the right place
  • Following installation guidelines specific to the brand or model
  • Electrical connections and plumbing connections
  • Verifying connections
  • Test functionality of the unit
same day dryer installation services London

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same day dryer installation services London

Installing your dryer can be a long and complicated process, especially if you are not familiar with the process. Express Appliance Repair will gladly visit your home the same day you call and make sure your dryer is properly installed and ready to go so you can get back to your day to day life.

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Dryers are a necessary part of any Canadian household. While part of the year you could hang your clothes to dry, most of the year is too cold and wet to allow that. That is why it is essential to have your dryer properly installed and operational. Express Appliance Repair is dedicated to ensuring that you and your family have a functional dryer that you can rely on all year long. Give us. You can come to rely on our quick and stress-free dryer installation services.

Fully Insured and Certified

Your appliances are an essential part of your home. Not having them around can cause a lot of unneeded stress. Luckily, you can trust the technicians at Express Appliance Repair to have your appliances installed and maintained. Our whole team is fully insured and certified so you can trust us to get the job done right and professionally.

Affordable Prices

We are dedicated to providing a great experience for our customers. We offer the fairest price possible for our appliance repair and installation services and have absolutely no hidden fees attached. For over 25 years Express Appliance Repair has been providing the best possible appliance repair and installation services to London and the surrounding areas. If you need appliance repairs, then give us a call for dryer repairs.

Your Trusted Local Appliance Technicians

We have built a team here that lives up to our 100% customer experience standards. We understand that you require a technician who is flexible and can work around your schedule, which is why we provide services 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

While quality and speed are top concerns, so is affordability. That is why we work hard to provide very competitive prices in the London region.