Dry Clothes Faster in Your Dryer

Dry Clothes Faster

Drying laundry in your dryer is certainly quicker than letting them air dry on your laundry line. Of course, it’s also important to remember that there are steps that you can take to maximize the performance of your dryer and help dry your clothes even faster. Here are some great tips for you to try today:

Add a Dry Towel

If you need to dry a few wet items and these items are known for retaining water (like jeans), then you can add a large dry towel. By doing so, you will help separate the moisture, and this towel draws moisture out of the wet clothing items.

Spin Dry in Your Washer

Delicate items might not be suited for rigorous spin cycles in your washer which means that they will probably need to be air dried. However, most of your laundry can handle that speedy spin without any trouble. By draining and spinning your laundry thoroughly, it will help remove excess water. The dryer your clothes are when they go in, the faster they will dry completely. Soaking wet items should not be placed in your dryer; you should either spin dry them first or allow to drip dry if spinning is not an option. When you place dripping wet items in your dryer, it can result in dryer damage. Not to mention running up your electric bill even if your dryer does manage to dry the item or items.

Dry What You Need

If you overload your washer, your clothes might not come out as clean as they should. The same goes for your dryer. The more you load, the longer it will take. In addition, the clothes will not tumble around as much, and this could result in parts of the various items becoming damaged while other sections are still wet. Instead, you should only dry what you need and hang the rest on your washing line. If need be, you should split your laundry into batches for faster drying. By hanging your laundry up while waiting for the dryer, you are also helping speed up the drying process.

Check for Lint

Lint builds up after every load, and a build-up of lint will make drying less effective. It also poses a fire risk. Check the lint traps as well as the filter screen before you start a drying cycle. Even if you have just dried a load, check and empty these traps before starting another cycle. While you’re at it, check the vent regularly too! This is best done before you start using your dryer since it can get quite hot. Keeping the vent and hose clear, it helps your dryer perform more effectively and efficiently. Remember, a shorter hose is also best because it allows for faster evacuation! Try not to install long hoses.

Regular maintenance and prompt repairs also ensure that your dryer will work faster and with greater energy efficiency. If you notice any problems with your dryer, it is best to avoid use until a trained technician has diagnosed and repaired the problem. Since dryers operate at such high temperatures, it’s important to remember that there is a risk of fire if the dryer is in any way faulty.

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