How You Can Extend The Lifespan of your Fridge

fridge repair

The fridge is that one appliance that impacts the entire household. Your whole routine can come to a standstill when your fridge is in need of repairs. A broken or non-functioning fridge can cause a lot of inconvenience and higher hydro bills.

A fridge from a reliable brand lasts anywhere from 6-10 years – and that is a conservative estimate. You can ensure that your fridge lasts long by properly maintaining it. By following the tips in this article, you can cut down your hydro bills, save money on a fridge replacement and also extend the life of your fridge. Here are some tips to avoid such a situation in the first place by taking some preventative measures.

Wipe up any spills and always store food in a container

This is important not only to maintain the hygiene of the fridge but also to ensure that there is no cross-contamination of food. This is especially important if you store meat. Wiping the spills immediately after ensures that it does not seep into the crevices or attach itself into the rubber gasket causing problems for the future.

Keep a check on the rubber gasket or seal

The rubber gasket is important because it conserves energy and prevents air leaks. This means your fridge maintains its cooling temperature evenly without wasting energy. Ensure that the gaskets are in working order to optimize your fridge performance.

Pay attention to your fridge compressor

The compressor is what keeps your fridge running efficiently. If this goes bust, the cooling of the fridge goes haywire. This means you might find your fridge forming ice and your freezer will not get cold enough. Keep the compressor clean every few months to prevent overheating.

Keep the condenser coil clean

The condenser coil has a direct impact on how much energy it takes to operate the refrigerator efficiently. One way to reduce the damage and ensure that the fridge has a longer life is to clean the condenser coil with a fluffy brush every few weeks.

Don’t overstock!

If you find that your fridge is overcrowded frequently it might be a time to replace with a higher capacity fridge. Overstocking and crowding the shelves means the air does not flow freely and may prevent uniform cooling across sections.

Don’t forget to use the ice dispenser

If your fridge comes with an ice dispenser, use it! The user manual has particular instructions on how to maintain the ice dispenser. Not using the dispenser can create an ice blockage and damage the machine. This is also one of the most common issues faced by our clients. We recommend using the ice dispenser often and prevent damage due to blockage.

Be mindful about the temperature

Just because the cooling systems are automated in most fridges does not mean that you can forget to monitor the temperatures. One quick way to save a lot of trouble in repairs and replacement is to monitor the fridge temperature every few weeks and make adjustments to ensure that it is in top shape.

Use power saver mode

Fridges come with built-in wall heaters that prevent humidity and keep the condensation in check. However, you don’t need to use it most of the time. This is where the power saver mode comes in. If your fridge has the feature, use it to prevent the excess energy wastage.

Complying with these measures regularly will extend the standard lifespan of your fridge and increase your savings on fridge repairs and replacement significantly.

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