What does the 2E Error Code on My Samsung Washer Mean?

2e error code samsung washer

If you own a Samsung washer, you know why this brand has such a fantastic reputation. These appliances are associated with quality, reliability and innovation. Your Samsung washer makes life that much easier by making laundry that much less time-consuming. Since your washer works so hard every time you turn it on, wear and tear are inevitable.

What Does the 2E Error Code Mean

When a fault occurs, an error code will normally appear on the control board. Each error code indicates a different problem and possible part that needs to be repaired or replaced. If you notice the error code 2E on your Samsung washer, this normally indicates a problem draining water. Here are some possible solutions:

Reset your washer

The first thing you need to do is unplug your washer for a few minutes before plugging it back in. This could clear the error code in the event that it is only a glitch. By unplugging the washer, it will allow the control board capacitors to discharge completely. If this does not work, you can check some other possible causes.

Hoses and filters

Check all of the hoses for kinks or blockages. If you notice any part of the hose is squeezed, this could be the cause. You can also check the filter. You will need to remove it and clean it thoroughly before you insert it again. While you’re at it, blow some air through the short tube that connects the flexible hose to the outlet. Make sure that there are no blockages here.

Wiring connections

Loose or shorted wire connections at the main control board can result in this error. This can be a rather delicate process. This is why you need to call a trained and certified technician to diagnose and repair this type of problem.

Control board

Finally, if none of these solutions work, your washer might need a new control board. Like the wiring issue, this is a fault that is best diagnosed and fixed by a professional. These types of repairs require a solid understanding of the electric and electronic inner workings of the appliance. Improper repairs can result in more damage and end up costing more in the end.

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